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Facility Entrance

Our facility is easy to find and located on the south side of 490 ROUTE 46 EAST in  
FAIRFIELD, NJ, 07004 as you are heading east.

Entrance and Parking

The entrance is in the front and the building and FREE parking for over 100 vehicles is conveniently provided on both sides and rear of the building.  Semis and other large vehicles (including tents for Drive Tests) can be used in the sides or rear of the building.


The reception / check-in area is located next to security, lockers, and restrooms.  Up to 30+ respondents can be seated in the hallway waiting for these sessions to begin. 

For those who have laptops or tablets, the 'technology room' is adjacent to the lobby for charging and securely storing your technology.

Studio "A"

Our largest studio measures 71' by 52' and can hold 4 - 5 vehicles for exterior evaluations (or more for small car or interior tests).
The floors are tiles, black 15' drapes surround the studio, and multiple lights with various color temperatures can be displayed. Each individual light is movable and dimmable giving you the flexibility you need to create the perfect lighting for your vehicles.  
Additional drapery and walls can be provided to create private rooms / displays and carpeting installed as needed (various colors available).

Studio "B"

Studio 'B' measures 59' by 38' and can hold up to 3 vehicles (or more for small car or interior tests), or displays / presentations that tag along with the static vehicles.
The floors, drapery, lighting, drapery and carpeting are similar to Studio 'A' and the vehicles and easily be driven or moved into the facility from the loading docks and 10,000 sq. ft. storage facility.

Client Viewing

Client viewing is from one of our kitchen studios that you see on TV.  It has room for over 30 clients comfortably seated.  

Audio / video (you can provide it or we can) is at studio levels with HD TVs and studio sound (either speakers or headsets). Multiple languages can be heard over the headsets from translators in most languages (German, Italian, French, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and more!)

Your catering needs are served from our kitchens with some of the best foods your clients have eaten in a clinic !  Remember that we serve the most distinguished entertainers and TV stars who demand the best.


A real live working production studio for film and television.  So we are able to give you more of your needs than any research facility can offer -- including those that are warehouses, hotels,convention centers or other 'empty' studios and have to bring in everything !

For those who want studio standard recordings at the highest level, our production staff can assist with recordings, editing, or presentations to clients or the respondents. 


​For secure loading and unloading of those confidential prototypes (or production vehicles), we have available two standard loading docks.

For car carrier unloading in the parking lot, we have arrangements for a ramp truck that securely transfers vehicles into secure storage for vehicle prepping and cleaning.  

Picture Gallery

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