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  • RMA understands the need to properly display your properties, prototypes, vehicles or any other research material 

  • You can choose to use on own 'non-union, full time staff', or you can use your preferred contractors in our facility.

  • The layout, the lighting, flooring, drapery, rooms for clients / staff / your staff / workers are ALL provided at TriStar.

  • And in a professional setting unparalleled to none -- we are a working television studio accustomed to most demanding clients.

  • And from a researcher's demand, we understand your research and client needs previously conducting 1000's of clinics, gang sessions, FGDs, and using 100's of facilities all over the USA and Canada over the past 35 years.  

  • This facility is one of the best for conducting any type of research on the East Coast of the USA -- but especially for automobile clinics, large product displays, gang studies and studio audience research.

Floor Plan and Dimensions

Welcome to the


Designed for Automotive Product Clinics and More !

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