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We care about your clients !

Your clients are looking for comfort, ability to communicate among each other, hear the respondents clearly and be able to view FGDs or the clinic in process.

Our video and audio feeds (optional from us or you can set up you own) are truly Studio Standard.

This is the clinic facility that meets the needs of your clients -- and we have private rooms and offices for you to have those important confidential discussions.

Client Viewing

Catering for clients


Did we mention food?  
Some of New York's finest catering companies with a variety of food for every taste.

Coffee, water and other light refreshments for you and your clients are already paid for in your rental, including a server who will make sure your coffee is brewed, our stock is complete, and complete a general cleanup of the area -- all you need is to determine your catered meals and either we or you can provide these services.

Welcome to the


Designed for Automotive Product Clinics and More !

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