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Your ala carte research facility !!  
Order what you need, provide you own, or use our complete research to assist you and your staff for a successful and delightful clinic experience without the hassles of unions, having to order an wait for items, waiting for your subcontractors to show, etc.  We offer it all on site with virtually everything you may need on locations (or we can build it for you in our shop  !!)

Additional Clinic Services (Optional)

Vehicle Acquisition

Vehicle acquisition (locally or for all locations in the USA) includes availability of:

  • ALL vehicles matched to color option load (photos and stickers  available) and shipped to location

  • Fire marshal inspections are not necessary in our facility, but standard clinic practices for low levels of fuel, disconnected batteries and taping of gas cap is expected. 

  • Power supplies

  • Interior lighting

  • Insurance for static studies (optional for drive test studies)

  • Cameras portable with audio in vehicles

  • Drivers and operators for moving vehicles in place

  • Equipment for lifting to move vehicles in tight places

  • Fork lifts and hand lifts

  • Photography of clinic proceedings, FGDs, properties (exterior / interior / features) for documentation and reporting 


  • Property / stage manager on location for the hours you request (standard)

  • Marketing Research Manager available for specified functions needed  (standard)

  • Extra drape to cover vehicle / products

  • Nighttime covering of vehicles / products

  • Carpeting available for entire facility or parts of facility 

  • Wood floors available for entire facility or parts of facility

  • Cabinets, kitchens, props, etc. are ALL movable / removable

  • Whisper quiet air conditioning and heating (standard)

  • EVERY single light is dimmable, moveable and changeable to create the perfect lighting for your properties and displays (standard)

Lighting, Security and Catering

Electrical and Lighting

  • Fully covered costs (standard)

  • NO hookup charges

  • NON-union (no surprise labor charges)

  • NO metered usage of electricity 



  • Full time  or 24 hour security (off duty police)

  • Metal detector / wand

  • Lockers with locks

  • Private room for security issues or respondent issues


  • Coffee, Tea, Water, and other beverages included for clients (standard)

  • Full catering available for breakfast, lunch, dinners and snacks for clients and / or respondents (recently rated as the BEST of any clinic !)

Additional Clinic Services Available

Audio / Video

  • Studios for working on your audio / video

  • Streaming videos to offsite locations

  • On location video and audio

  • Individual microphones for each respondent / moderator

  • HD video viewing with studio sound

  • Interpreters  in multiple languages including all equipment

  • Headsets for multiple languages

  • Dubbing of multiple languages on same recording

Staffing and Research Needs

Staffing needs including

  • Receptionists

  • Check out including disbursements of incentives

  • Clinic staff / interviewers (also trained for tablet usage)

  • Clinic guides

  • Supervision / key manager of staffing

​Marketing Research functions available including

  • Marketing Research / Clinic Manager

  • Staffing Manager

  • Tech Manager for computer / audio / video

  • Moderation of FGDs / IDIs

  • Programming of questionnaire, including coding and data exporting and tabulations

  • Transcriptions word for word by person spoken

  • Multiple languages supported for video and audio

  • Eye Camera

Other Services

On-site vehicle detailing and de-badging

Daily vehicle detailing and cleaning



Drive test studies including

  • Tents for parking

  • Heaters in cool weather

  • Trailers for respondent in in-climate weather

  • Drive test course (with multiple routings and optimized for minimal traffic)

Welcome to the


Designed for Automotive Product Clinics and More !

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