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Your East Coast Studio Research Facility in Fairfield, New Jersey.

  • Large auto clinic  display for up to 7 -8 vehicles

  • Large Display areas for large product displays and multimedia presentations in a real working Television Studio Environment


Located in Fairfield NJ (25 minutes from Manhattan), our 20,000 square foot production facility has been serving clients worldwide since 2008.

Our facility is fully equipped with the latest technology, hotel-style amenities, luxurious studios, client facilities for 30+ clients including private client work rooms for meetings, rooms for the working staff and the facility staffed by experienced production professionals that can meet your every need.

Our high-definition studios are real working TV studios that have the ultimate for the audio / visual experience and are ready for the specifications that clients request for automotive clinic projects and other projects that require large display areas.  There are 4 full kitchen areas  equipped to provide clients with the ultimate experience for viewing, catering, and provide fresh food and beverages that most movie studios provide their directors, actors, and staff – and our staffs HAVE experience with the setup of the facilities for automotive research studies or any other event.

The Great Research Studio facility is NOT a warehouse, but is a fully equipped movie studio facility that has virtually everything you will need right on location to setup and conduct your sophisticated research clinics and studies.

  • On the RMA side, you will interface with personnel who have actually conducted 100's of clinics and understand you needs and requests.  You will be working with a researcher who has a draped, lighted heated / cooled facility with proper flooring (not painted), has chairs / tables, electrical (including power cords and surge protectors), FGD area, video cameras, audio devices, viewing rooms and everything else that researchers expect in completing their study.

  • On the Tri-Star side, our RMA rep will work with your requests to assure a facility that meets your highest expectations -- and Tri-Star is the facility that has virtually all your clinic equipment and supplies right on location -- most of the time, we have the supplies you need in the 20,000 sq. ft. facility and Tri-Star personnel can find what you need.

  • And both of us can supply whatever else you need to make your clinic successful -- just review our "Added Services" to see how else we may assist you !   

The rental of the facility will be exclusive to you with highest levels of security and can be adapted for:

  • 1 to 8 car product clinics

  • Sophisticated Multi-media presentations

  • Focus Groups, IDIs, Mini-FGDs, Gang Sessions and sales meetings / presentations

  • Movie screenings and special events

A Little About Ourselves

Converting a Television Set into a Product Clinic Studio

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Designed for Automotive Product Clinics and More !

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